World Rhino Day 2022: History, Significance and All You Need To Know!

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Do you know the horns of the rhinoceros are made up of keratin? Or the fact that they have tiny brains relative to their size? 

There are innumerable rarely known but interesting facts about rhinoceros that by the time we learn it all, these mammals might be already extinct. And therefore with an aim to spread awareness about critically endangered species and educate the general public about the danger they have been facing, every year 22 September is celebrated as World Rhino Day. 
World Rhino Day 2022: History, Significance and All You Need To Know!
World Rhino Day 2022: History, Significance and All You Need To Know!
Apart from raising awareness, the day evolves the realisation among human beings that while there are five species of rhinos, the day is not far when they might not walk this earth if they aren’t safeguarded today.

History - World Rhino Day 2022:

Celebrating all five rhino species, namely the Sumatran, Black, Greater One-horned, Javan, and White rhino, the special day gives chance to NGOs, zoos, and the general public to honour this majestic mammal. World Rhino Day was announced by the World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa in 2010.

This after, the founder of Annamitici and owner of Zimbabwe’s Chishakwe Ranch Lisa Jane Campbell, collaborated with the creative director of Annamitici Rhishja Cota, to raise large-scale awareness for the need of protecting all five species of rhinos from extinction.

Therefore, this resulted in the annual celebration gaining global scale recognition. It was first observed in 2011, and since then the day holds a special place across the globe. Every year World Rhino Day is celebrated under a different theme, and this year’s theme is “Five Rhino Species Forever”.

Significance - World Rhino Day 2022:

Severe climate change and extreme disturbance in the natural ecosystem have resulted in the dropping number of rhinos. Another major reason behind their dwindling number is the ongoing poaching of their valuable horn.

According to the official site of world wildlife, the beginning of the 20th century witnessed 500,000 rhinos roaming Africa and Asia. However, by 1970, unfortunately, this number dropped to 70,000, but today sadly about 27,000 rhinos remain in the wild.

Of all the five species, three—black, Javan and Sumatran are critically endangered. And hence, to urge the authorities and general public to think on behalf of them, World Rhino Day holds immense significance.

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