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Metal Roofing Sheets offer unmatched durability combined with quick and easy installation. 

This makes them ideal for tradespeople and homeowners alike looking for roof and side cladding for residential garages, commercial warehouses, and more. These steel roofing sheets come in a wide range of profiles, finishes, and colours, so you are sure to find one to suit you. Plus, metal roofing is so long-lasting, that manufacturers often offer guarantees of 40 years or more.

We are proud to have partnered with leading metal roofing sheet manufacturers to offer homeowners an unparalleled range. These include Britmet and Ariel, whose broad selection includes everything from standard 14/3 profile metal roofing sheets, to sturdy box profile roofing, and even eye-catching tile effect panels for added curb appeal.
Metal Roofing Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers in Zimbabwe
Metal Roofing Sheets Manufacturers and Suppliers in Zimbabwe
Whichever brand you choose, or style of metal roofing sheet you prefer, you can be confident that your choice will stand the test of time. Thanks to their galvanised steel construction, as well as optional coatings, metal roofing sheets can be relied on to withstand considerable impacts as well as the effects of adverse weather, rust, and corrosion for decades.

Advantages of Metal Roof Sheets:

In addition to its superb durability, metal roofing offers a number of other key benefits. Here’s why metal is the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects of all sizes:

  1. Superb Lifespan: From our corrugated metal sheets to our steel tile effect panels, you can expect all of our metal roofing sheets to achieve a decades-long lifespan. Some sheets are even guaranteed for as long as 40 years, such as those manufactured by Roofing Mega Store.
  2. Incredibly Lightweight: Weighing between 5kg and 15kg per square meter, steel roofing sheets are amongst the lightest roofing materials available. This makes them suitable for almost any structure, from massive steel warehouses to lightweight timber garden sheds.
  3. Simple Installation: Many of our metal roofing sheets are designed to simply overlay or interlock with one another, making installation a pain-free endeavour. They are also accompanied by specially designed fixings and accessories, speeding up the fitting process allowing you to achieve a professional finish.
  4. Cost-Effective: With prices from as little as $7.00USD per square metre, metal roofing sheets can suit even the tightest budgets. Plus, as they are so lightweight and easy to work with, they require minimal labour time and no specialist tools, which helps to keep the overall cost of your project low.
  5. Highly Versatile: Metal roofing sheets can even be used as cladding, most commonly on the exterior of commercial or industrial premises. This goes for both classic corrugated sheets as well as box profile steel roofing sheets.

Types of Metal Roofing Sheets:

From timeless corrugated sheets to box profile or tile-effect panels, you are sure to find metal roofing to suit your budget, style, and project. Each of our metal roofing sheets is also available in a choice of thicknesses, colours, and finishes, providing the durability and aesthetics you desire.

Corrugated Metal Roof Sheets

We supply corrugated metal roofing sheets in a variety of profiles. These are available in either 0.4, 0.5mm or 0.7mm thicknesses, with both offering superb strength for roofing and cladding applications. You can also pick from a choice of polyester or PVC coatings, which can extend the life expectancy of your metal roofing sheet by up to 10 years.

Qtiles or Tile Effect Metal Roof Sheets:

Designed to imitate clay and concrete tiles, tile effect roofing sheets combine the durability of steel with a traditional aesthetic. You have a choice of profiles, such as the classic pantile.

Each of the different styles is then coated with granules, achieving a more realistic finish and added durability. These panels are ideal if you are looking to match the appearance of an adjacent building.

Uses for Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing is some of the most versatile available to both homeowners and tradespeople and can be used in a wide variety of projects.
  • As both roof and wall cladding for industrial or commercial premises.
  • A sturdy roofing material for agricultural buildings.
  • Highly durable roofing for garages susceptible to vandalism.
  • A stylish, lightweight alternative for conservatories with solid roofs.
  • A quick-to-install and long-lasting roofing material for extensions.

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