The Benefits of Using QTile Roofing Sheets For Your Roofing in Zimbabwe

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Qtile Roofing Sheets are also called  Tile Effect Roofing Sheets. Qtile Roofing Sheets are a great solution for you home in Zimbabwe. 

You can choose Qtile Roofing Sheets if you are looking for a cost effective and lightweight roofing materials.
The Benefits of Using QTile Roofing Sheets For Your Roofing in Zimbabwe
The Benefits of Using QTile Roofing Sheets For Your Roofing in Zimbabwe
These Metal Roof Sheets easily provide the same look as a traditional roof, with a longer lifetime, which makes them an attractive option for clients’ roofs.

The Benefits of Using QTile Roofing Sheets For Your Roofing in Zimbabwe:

  1. Easy Installation: QTile Roofing Sheets are easy to install, as they can be effortlessly altered and cut to fit a client’s personal requirements. With a thickness or gauge of 0.4mm, the Qtiles can be cut to lengths up to 6m and provide a cover of 1m, ensuring that your client’s building has complete roofing coverage independently of the scope of the project. Rooftop screws with rubber sealing washers are available with colour coded caps, matching the steel roof sheet colour for a homogenous look. Its lightweight features guarantee easy transportation and placement.
  2. Cost Effective: If your client is looking for an effective roofing solution, Qtile Roofing Sheets are energy efficient as they provide a quick weather tight insulated roof. They reduce heat loss and help to reduce the cost of energy bills. These Qtiles can be installed in many different buildings, including garden sheds, summer houses, agricultural buildings, workshops, out houses, and domestic or commercial premises. They also ensure good width and length coverage at an affordable price.
  3. Great Modern Alternative: As these Qtile Roofing Sheets can be cut to specified measurements, they allow for your clients to personalise their roof design without being tied to heavy roof tiles. Achieving the traditional roof tile look is possible with smaller cut tiles, but a more modern spin can be undertaken. Their versatility ensures that your clients are able to choose from a Polyester paint or a PVC Plastisol finish, according to their requirements. There is a wide range of colours available for your clients to choose from, including slate, terracotta, merlin grey, olive green, black, and many more.
Innovative Qtile Roofing sheets are a great choice for roofs, offering a corrugated metal option for a different home design. With our extensive experience you are guaranteed high quality products sure to fit any requirements. 

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