Looking For Something Different Roofing Sheets in Zimbabwe? Try QTiles Steel Roofing Sheets!

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Qtiles Roofing Sheets are Roofing Sheets that have been altered to have a stunning Tile Effect, and this can be done to your exact specifications – contact our expert team and they will be delighted to help with your project.

They have a thickness of 0.4 mm and can be cut at any length you need, up to 6m. Their finishes are varied, from polyester paint to plastic coated.

Where Can Qtiles Roofing Sheets They Be Used?

Because of their versatile appearance they can be used in a varied range of places. For example, they are perfect to round off the design of a summer house or a garden shed. They also look good on agricultural buildings, as they provide a rustic air, or you can use their minimalistic designs to give a modern look to a domestic property.

Why Do You Want To Use Qtiles Roofing Sheets?

Qtile Roofing Sheets come with so many advantages that surely you will not need much effort to convince your clients to use them. For a start, they are much cheaper than real tiles – while looking equally good. 
Looking For Something Different Roofing Sheets in Zimbabwe? Try QTiles Steel Roofing Sheets!
Looking For Something Different Roofing Sheets in Zimbabwe? Try QTiles Steel Roofing Sheets!
They are also considerably lighter when compared to tile, so if you are fixing your own garden shed that will make things easier if you need to store them and move them around. 

Their installation is also very intuitive (basically, they go left to right). So again, if this is your first trial at roofing you can be relaxed. Also, because you (or your client) can have a personalised design you can make sure it will look great no matter the specific look you have in mind.

At Vakisa Builders Express we will also provide you with the Roofing Accessories that matches your roof. As you can see, our goal is making sure you get the roof you want by assisting you in every step of the process.

Vakisa Builders Express is based in the Harare and Chitungwiza and have a national reach – offering both deliveries and collection services around the Zimbabwe. If you have any enquiries or want advice on your roofing sheets phone us on +263 78 922 2845 and we will be delighted to help.

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